14 March 2017

DWtS: Our Top “Bonner Bolton” Picks

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The new cast of Dancing with the Stars has been announced and, as per usual, there’s at least one contestant who makes you go “who?!”. This season it’s some cowboy kid named Bonner Bolton. Here are my picks for who that total rando slot should go to next year:

Josh Horowitz

You probably know this MTV presenter best from his online After Hours shorts on YouTube. Maybe, most recently from that one with Ezra Miller throwing a glass of water in his face. Yes, okay you could argue that Josh is a bit of an odd choice given that we’ve never actually seen him dance – but hear me out. I’m sure that his personality and charm will shine through on the dance floor, making him a contestant that audiences will want to root for, whether or not he can achieve a – hmm professional – level of dancing.

Maybe he can ask his buddy Tom Hiddleston to teach him some of his sweet moves?

Maria Ho

You may not have heard of her (yet) but Maria Ho is a sure choice as a star. Maria is the female poker pro who has used her skills to win over two million dollars in live tournaments alone! She was also the first female poker pro to become a strategic commentator on television. Maria would be sure to bring a strategic mind to this dance show, as well as perhaps an unconventional audience of poker fans?

Maria’s also got a dedication to charity work, teaming up with charities that fight cancer, leukemia and AIDS. This kind of dedication is sure to make her an endearing contestant to audiences. She’s also got reality TV experience as she has appeared on the third season of American Idol, as well as season 15 of The Amazing Race alongside her BFF and fellow poker player Tiffany Michelle – meaning that Maria is sure to know how to handle being around the reality TV cameras.

Francesa Eastwood 

Okay, the children of celebrities aren’t exactly new ground for DWTS but Francesa has a pre-established brand that could definitely bring some excitement to the show. Arguably she’s the most controversial suggestion on this list given some of her past brushes with the public, but that just means all the more excitement for the show! She’s also got a prospective movie career in the works meaning that DWTS could be catching her just before she blows up big time.

Francis also has experience selling her personality to the camera’s in her mother’s short-lived reality show, Mrs Eastwood and Company. Who knows, she may even end up following in the footsteps of the other stars of famous fathers like Bindi Irwin and Rumer Willis, both of whom took home first place in their respective seasons.

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