Now, I’m not one of those people just looking for the Daily Show proclaimed President Gallant to fail. I’m willing to give him time on the Stimulus plan, on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, on closing down Gitmo and getting the educational system back on the right track. I don’t shake my fists in anger when I hear about the muddled beaucratic chaos going on in the Congress right now.

But let me just say, new President Barack Hussein Obama, you may have gone to far. Your presidential address this past Monday really got my goat. I understand the need for the Face of Hope and Change to address his adoring throngs, but couldn’t you do it sometime other than Primetime Mondays? Do you realize what you’ve done?

Isn’t our country in dire enough straits? With thousands laid off every day, the price of gas looking to sky rocket, and the war in Iraq no closer to over, what does this country truly need more than geeky Buy More employees, semi-vapid upper East Siders, and a fivesome of Friends that say “Awesome!” a lot? Good God man, how are we supposed to move forward without our favorite television shows?

Okay I’m kidding slightly, big guy, but seriously, next time you make a television appearance do it on a less awesome night of television. Try Tuesdays. I don’t watch anything on Tuesdays.