18 September 2017

Miss at The Assembly

By // Theatre (Toronto)

I rewrote the title of this article about four times. I worry that the one I settled on is misleading- it sounds like an old timey newspaper headline declaring that …

11 September 2017


By // Theatre (Toronto)

Sarah Marchand and Matt Jones have collaborated to write and create a theatre ASMR experience: the show incorporates elements of ASMR (in both performance and social media) while telling the …

11 September 2017

Stratford ’17: See

By // Theatre

I was really hard on the Stratford productions I didn’t like this year but it was actually a pretty strong season and the things that were good were Really good. …

03 September 2017

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

By // Theatre (London)

One afternoon in 1998, the awkward 12 year-old that was me trudged home from middle school to discover a gift sitting on the table. A children’s librarian had recommended that …

28 August 2017

Queen Margaret at Theatre for the New City

By // Theatre (New York)

It is the story of the daughter of a deposed king with an eye on the throne and a determination to return to glory. A blonde-haired outsider from across the …

11 August 2017

SummerWorks ’17: Part VII

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Read All Our SummerWorks Reviews HERE Icône Pop (A) The scene for Icône Pop is set as the audience walks into the blackbox theatre at The Theatre Centre with singer Mykalle …

11 August 2017

SummerWorks ’17: Part VI

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Read All Our SummerWorks Reviews HERE The Only Good Indian (B+) It’s difficult to grade this solo show from Pandemic Theatre because half its runtime is just a “long table” …

10 August 2017

SummerWorks ’17: Part V

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Read All Our SummerWorks Reviews HERE Explosions for the 21st Century (A-) My favourite SummerWorks show this year, Christopher Ross-Ewart’s philosophical and practical lecture on sound design is both an …

08 August 2017

SummerWorks ’17: Part IV

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Read All Our SummerWorks Reviews HERE Pearle Harbour’s Chautaqua (A+) [Ed. Note: A+ is the highest grade we give but, just for the record, MM’s official submission was “A+++++++”] This is …

08 August 2017

SummerWorks ’17: Part III

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Read All Our SummerWorks Reviews HERE Erased: Billy and Bayard (A) Created and performed by the Queer Songbook Orchestra, featuring Andrew Broderick and Stephen Jackman-Torkoff, the show weaves together the …

07 August 2017

SummerWorks ’17: Part II

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Read All Our SummerWorks Reviews HERE August, Augusta (A) Created, choreographed, and directed by Jocelyn Mah, and winner of The Winchester Prize, this piece depicts two musicians and a trio …

05 August 2017

SummerWorks ’17: Part I

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Read All Our SummerWorks Reviews HERE White Man’s Indian (A) This is a story that needs to be told and should be told but is not for the faint of …

03 August 2017

SummerWorks, 2017

By // Theatre (Toronto)

The 2017 SummerWorks Performance Festival runs August 3-13 and our staff is on hand to cover pretty much everything. Check back at this page throughout the festival for all of …

16 July 2017

Toronto Fringe ’17: Part XXV

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Be sure to check out our Full List of Fringe Reviews About Time (A-) The Templeton Philharmonic always deliver creative, hilarious, insightful work. This excellent sketch show that glimpses moments …

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