15 April 2014

Mad Men: Time Zones

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It’s the beginning of the end of the beginning. Time has marched forward in Mad Men, and the 60’s have finally arrived in full swing, just in time for the …


01 October 2013

TV Recaps

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27 June 2013

Mad Men 613 ‘In Care Of’

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“Can you keep it down? I’m trying to drink.” Although the idea is impossible, it feels as if Matt Weiner was afraid that Mad Men would get canceled after the …


20 June 2013

Mad Men 612: ‘The Quality of Mercy’

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“Wah, wah, wah.” Don Draper is a giant baby. That’s the metaphor that this week’s episode of Mad Men set out to teach us. He shrugs off responsibilities, only thinks …


12 June 2013

Mad Men 611: ‘Favors’

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“I don’t want his juice, I want my juice.” We all knew that this was bound to happen. After at least a decade of infidelity spread across two marriages, Don …


07 June 2013

Mad Men 610: ‘A Tale of Two Cities’

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“Apparently, I am a curious child with a full head of hair and a thriving business. And you’re a terrible swimmer.” After spending the majority of its run in that …


28 May 2013

Mad Men 609: ‘The Better Half’

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“He’s interested in the idea, and you’re interested in your idea.” After the craziness of last week’s drug fueled fever dream of an episode, Mad Men returned to some straightforward …


23 May 2013

Mad Men 608: ‘The Crash’

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“I’m not from somewhere other than this moment?” Well that was weird. Mad Men has made it a habit to air an episode with a weirder bent to it around …


16 May 2013

Mad Men 607: ‘Man with a Plan’

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“It’s easy to give something up when you’re satisfied.” Welcome to Fifty Shades of Mad Men. This week we saw the new partners move into the Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce …

madmen606 2

09 May 2013

Mad Men 606: ‘For Immediate Release’

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“You’ve given up on me at exactly the wrong time. I have big things coming, you have no idea.” I never would have guessed that this would be the episode …


02 May 2013

Mad Men 605: ‘The Flood’

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“We’ve already met. In fact, I’m pretty sure we’ve had this meeting already too and it went well.” Mad Men has made it a point to keep episodes dealing with …

mm S6E4 pic

26 April 2013

Mad Men 604: ‘To Have And To Hold’

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“It sounds like New Year’s Eve when they empty out the garbage, there’s so many bottles.” For everyone who complains that nothing ever actually happens on Mad Men, this was …


19 April 2013

Mad Men 603: ‘The Collaborators’

By // TV

“I will not be a failure!” The entire point of advertising is to convince people that they want things, even if they don’t know why. This episode of Mad Men …


10 April 2013

Mad Men 601: ‘The Doorway’

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The words of man slowly descending into hell, juxtaposed with images of the beautiful beaches of Hawaii are how we welcomed back to the world of Mad Men. Don Draper …