17 January 2015

My Cinematic 2014

By // Cinema

I started this last year, keeping a list of every movie I see all year (just the new releases) in order to form a definitive set of personal rankings come …


01 April 2013

Seinfeld’s Stash

By // TV

With entertainment stockpiles like Netflix, iTunes and Hulu Plus, television fanatics are losing entire weekends to binge viewings of an assortment of shows. Viewers are escaping to the lands of …


30 June 2012

Shakespearean Glimpses Into The Dance World

By // Theatre

The National Ballet of Canada is a fascinating place. It’s where national treasures like Karen Kain and Rex Harrington earned their world-renowned reputations and are now guiding the current wave …


18 April 2012


By // Cinema

We all remember the distinct times in our lives where someone has put us down, excluded us, or made us feel like we do not belong.  I can remember noogies …


07 April 2012

Concrete Jungle, More Than Just A Phrase

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Remember the first 30 minutes of 2001: A Space Odyssey, when the primates encounter the black monolith and begin taking on human attributes and advanced levels of cognitive capability? Well, …

Jason Baldwin (centre) with the filmmakers

20 February 2012

Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory

By // Cinema

The Oscar-nominated third installment of HBO’s Paradise Lost documentary series is provocatively unsettling to watch. The crippling poverty, widespread ignorance, self-righteous rage and incomprehensible hatred that mark the Arkansas town …


17 December 2010

Joaquin Phoenix Is, in fact, Still Here

By // Cinema

It’s been month since I saw I’m Still Here, Casey Affleck’s disturbing and unpleasant documentary about Joaquin Phoenix’s meltdown and coinciding quest to become a rapper. Despite the gross lateness …


24 August 2010

A Piece of Work

By // Cinema

The documentary about Joan Rivers is doing really well. It’s gotten a lot of great press, strong ticket sales and a 91% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It also happens …


26 June 2010

Welcome and What to See

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Hi Movie Fans,  Welcome to My Entertainment World’s newest site: My Cinema. Here we’ll be discussing our thoughts on current and classic cinema, sharing movie news and actor profiles. To …