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19 May 2015

Mad Max: Fury Road

By // Cinema

Mad Max: Fury Road is a shot of adrenaline in the heart. It’s jolting from start to finish – with guitars that shoot fire and mutants who steal blood and …


08 May 2015

Sexually Transmitting Haunting – It Follows

By // Cinema

It Follows has a concept that sounds like it’s from a terrible B movie. An invisible, homicidal creature follows, at an incredibly slow pace, those that have sex with people …


02 May 2015

Age of Ultron

By // Cinema

There’s nothing quite like the midnight movie (okay, I’m old now, I snuck into a 10:30 showing). The hordes of fans excited for the same thing as you. The energy …


26 April 2015

STUpendous – What We Do In The Shadows

By // Cinema

There are some ideas that are pretty hard to make fresh and interesting. Sitting firmly among those ideas are Mockumentaries and vampire stories. Mockumentaries have been experiencing quite a heyday …


21 April 2015

In Reel Life: Ballet 422

By // Cinema

I heard about director Jody Lee Lipes’ Ballet 422 because, during its run at Toronto’s Hot Docs Cinema, it was preceded by a short dance film choreographed by the National Ballet of …


15 April 2015

Role Model in a Corset

By // Cinema

I apologize, Disney. I didn’t believe that you could make this movie and that it wouldn’t be shallow, unnecessary and unhelpful in a modern context. There are so many problems …


14 April 2015

St. Vincent‘s Comedy Trifecta

By // Cinema

Murray’s most recent starring role does not tread new territory, yet still manages to warm audience’s hearts along the way. Stories about a jerk with a heart of gold who …

CinemaAward(Half) 2014

04 April 2015

The 2014 My Cinema Award Winners

By // Cinema

Here they are, the final winner announcements of our 2014 Awards Season! Make sure you check out the My TV Award Winners and the My Theatre Award Winners from Boston, …


31 March 2015

Win a Free Copy of The Imitation Game

By // Cinema

To celebrate the home entertainment release of their hit biopic starring Benedict Cumberbatch, Elevation Pictures has given us 2 copies of the Imitation Game DVD/Blu-Ray/Digital Combo Pack to give away …


15 March 2015

My Cinematic 2014: The Top Ten

By // Cinema

For the past two years, I’ve been ranking every film I see- just the new releases, from January 1st to December 31st. The rankings are subjective, based entirely on how …


13 March 2015

My Cinema Award Nominee: Q&A w/ Mark Hammer

By // Cinema

Before we announce the winners of the 2014 My Cinema Awards, we’re proud to present our annual Nominee Interview Series. People like to say that the romantic comedy is dead. Screenwriter Mark …


08 March 2015

My Cinematic 2014: 11-30

By // Cinema

For the past two years, I’ve been ranking every film I see- just the new releases, from January 1st to December 31st. The rankings are subjective, based entirely on how …


25 February 2015

Kingsman: The Best Bond in Years

By // Cinema

I’ve never had much of a taste for the modern James Bond films. The subpar Brosnan films, followed by the latest batch of serious and cold Craig films, have left …

best-pic_3166072k 2

21 February 2015

Oscar Predictions 2015

By // Cinema

For the first time in many years, the Oscar race is pretty hard to predict. Sure Best Picture has had some surprising results, Crash over Brokeback Mountain, or Shakespeare in …

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