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14 November 2015

Twitter Giveaway: Win a Free Copy of American Ultra

By // Cinema

To celebrate the home entertainment release of their action-packed stoner (romantic?) comedy, Elevation Pictures has given us two copies of the Blu-ray to give away to some lucky readers. To enter, …


10 November 2015

Brooklyn: Good Filmmaking & Bad Decision Making

By // Cinema

Objectively, Brooklyn is a good movie. It was beautifully filmed, wonderfully acted, sentimental, without being overly so. It’s a shame the main character’s poor decision making in the last third …


06 November 2015

Crimson Peak, Thin & Pretty

By // Cinema

Crimson Peak was very pretty. Beautiful, even. And if all you required from your film-going experience is that a movie be aesthetically pleasing, you’ll probably enjoy Guillermo del Torro’s Crimson …


01 October 2015

Win a Free Copy of I’ll See You In My Dreams

By // Cinema

To celebrate the home entertainment release of their joyful golden years dramedy I’ll See You In My Dreams, Elevation Pictures has given us a copy of the DVD to give away …


30 September 2015

Must-See: 6 Years

By // Cinema

The Duplass Brothers and their unparalleled taste as producers have facilitated yet another extraordinary cinematic moment by partnering with an up-and-coming writer/director in the form of Hannah Fidell. According to …


28 September 2015

Almereyda’s Cymbeline

By // Cinema

Director Michael Almereyda’s thrilling new film adaptation of the strange and semi-obscure Shakespeare play Cymbeline begins with three words on the screen- “Keep Your Head”. It’s the name of the …


24 September 2015

Cops and Robbers – Black Mass

By // Cinema

There is often a complaint about a lot of mobster films in that they glorify organized crime. That is not the case in this dramatic biopic covering the history of …

081004/AFA 2008/Production 3(B)/Jang San Temple/PHOTOLUDENS_bangbyanghak

24 September 2015

Personal Essay: The Guyanese Actor

By // Cinema

There is a tent set up in Brooklyn, in an empty lot between the water and downtown. It is accessible only by rusty chain-link gates, guarded by men in black …


22 September 2015

Grandma Gains Life Through the Iconic Lily Tomlin

By // Cinema

Tomlin was a voice of a generation for female comedians; she was bold and brash and led the charge to be one of the most revered women in comedy. There …

Digging for Fire

17 September 2015

Mumblebore: Digging for Fire

By // Cinema

Digging for Fire belongs to that indie film niche featuring relatively well-to-do 30-somethings who are unhappy with their lives. These kinds of movies are more moment than plot driven. Some …


11 September 2015

SDCC 2015: Nick Carter Goes West Panel

By // Cinema

CLICK HERE to read our full coverage of San Diego Comic-Con 2015. I didn’t have much time for panels at Comic-Con this year. Scheduled to be covering press rooms almost …


08 September 2015

Festival Fare: The Witch

By // Cinema

The Witch opens with straight-on, successive shots of adolescent children, staring just off camera, listening to a member of their small Puritan community in 17th century New England banish their …


25 July 2015

Insidious: Franchise Recap and Chapter 3 Review

By // Cinema

Insidious is a franchise that appears to be on the cusp of adding a creative twist to its earlier instalments. Insidious Chapter 3 plays it safe by both following formula …


21 July 2015

Jurassic World

By // Cinema

There’s always a lot of worry when it comes to revisiting a franchise. After a lot of years have gone by and the demand for more has died out, there’s …

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