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20 September 2014

Wit, Heartbreak, and a Background in Comedy

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The Skeleton Twins is both incredibly witty, heartbreaking, and one of my favorite films of the Year, so far! If you asked me over the years which generation of Saturday …


19 September 2014

The Oscar Race: Early Analysis

By // Cinema

I know what you are thinking, yes its only September, but with festival circuit in full swing, Telluride, Venice, and Toronto, it’s time to start talking about and predicting this …

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17 September 2014

TIFF ’14: War in Many Forms

By // Cinema

’71- screenplay by Gregory Burke; directed by Yann Demange Impish Skins star Jack O’Connell has well and truly left the fun and juvenility of Cook behind him. The whole of Yann …


13 September 2014

Sin City 2: Is that the best you can do, you pansies?

By // Cinema

So, it turns out there is a window of opportunity to make a sequel to a popular ‘R’ rated movie. Based on the abysmal performance of the latest Sin City, …


12 September 2014

Binge Watching The Purge: Anarchy

By // Cinema

When I first became aware of the concept behind the first Purge film, I was intrigued. I believed that the idea of a free-for-all crime night would serve well for …


10 September 2014

TIFF ’14: The Last Five Years

By // Cinema

Director Richard LaGravenese did right by Jason Robert Brown and his off-Broadway masterpiece The Last Five Years. From casting to small script additions to keeping Hollywood out of it and …


07 September 2014

What Happened to Summer 2014 at the Movies?

By // Cinema

The statistic all over the Internet, troubling studio executives and producers of the world, is the domestic summer box office was down 14.6 percent from last year. Some films found …


06 September 2014

It’s OK To Be Takei

By // Cinema

Full disclosure: I’m a big Star Trek fan. Well, I should qualify that by saying I have no use for anything that came after Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Voyager …


04 September 2014

Diet-her! Lots more fizz but none of the flavor – Lucy

By // Cinema

Allow me to explain my title, briefly. The best way I can describe Lucy is to compare it to the movie her, because they happen to have a lot in …

chef-2014-01 2

24 August 2014

Jon Favreau’s Chef

By // Cinema

Much like the Cubanos and three-cheese Paninis created throughout the film, Chef warms the soul like a favorite comfort food. The underlying story of the film revolves around reuniting a …


20 August 2014

And the Molar of the Story Is… – Ernest and Celestine*

By // Cinema

Ernest and Celestine is simply a film of cuteness and beauty. The 2012 animated film manages to be bothcharming and endearing while still containing some dark and serious dramatic moments, …


17 August 2014

The Continuing Adventures of Hiccup and His Vikings

By // Cinema

The first How to Train Your Dragon film took a tired storyline premise and managed to rework it with good characters, visuals and humour. Not unlike the blockbuster Avatar (which …

Robin Williams

12 August 2014

A King, a Genie, and so Much More

By // Cinema

Many years ago, I remember being obsessed with saying “Good Morning, Vietnam” as a young kid.  I was probably five or six, but I remember this loud boisterous guy bringing …


11 August 2014

The Where’s Waldo edition of Godzilla

By // Cinema

It’s inevitable that Godzilla will be compared to its former American incarnation. The 1998 Roland Emmerich film of the same name followed the same tropes established by his other disaster …

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