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25 July 2015

Insidious: Franchise Recap and Chapter 3 Review

By // Cinema

Insidious is a franchise that appears to be on the cusp of adding a creative twist to its earlier instalments. Insidious Chapter 3 plays it safe by both following formula …


21 July 2015

Jurassic World

By // Cinema

There’s always a lot of worry when it comes to revisiting a franchise. After a lot of years have gone by and the demand for more has died out, there’s …


07 July 2015

Magic Mike XXL

By // Cinema

The first Magic Mike was an art house movie pretending it was Middle Aged Lady Porn. Stephen Soderbergh made a movie about addiction and dreaming, about the laziness of one’s …


03 July 2015

Win a Free Copy of ’71

By // Cinema

To celebrate the home entertainment release of their tense Irish war drama ’71, Elevation Pictures has given us a copy of the DVD/Blu-ray combo to give away to a lucky reader. …


01 July 2015

Inside Out

By // Cinema

In a way, I exist between the audiences that Inside Out is pointed at: parents + kids. I’m long since past when my own imaginary friend faded away (RIP Doadie), …


27 June 2015

Must See: Love & Mercy

By // Cinema

When the epilogue ended and the house lights came up in the movie theatre where I saw Love & Mercy, no one moved. The real Brian Wilson was on screen …


20 June 2015

Deconstructing Ex Machina

By // Cinema

Harkening back to sci fi classics such as Forbidden Planet, the majority of Ex Machina is constituted of philosophical discussion and games of verbal chess. These discussions broach many thoughts …


25 May 2015

Pitch Perfect 2

By // Cinema

Comedy sequels are a tough bunch. The road is littered with sequels that tarnished the beauty of their original – Legally Blonde 2, Miss Congeniality 2, Being It On Again. …


19 May 2015

Mad Max: Fury Road

By // Cinema

Mad Max: Fury Road is a shot of adrenaline in the heart. It’s jolting from start to finish – with guitars that shoot fire and mutants who steal blood and …


08 May 2015

Sexually Transmitting Haunting – It Follows

By // Cinema

It Follows has a concept that sounds like it’s from a terrible B movie. An invisible, homicidal creature follows, at an incredibly slow pace, those that have sex with people …


02 May 2015

Age of Ultron

By // Cinema

There’s nothing quite like the midnight movie (okay, I’m old now, I snuck into a 10:30 showing). The hordes of fans excited for the same thing as you. The energy …


26 April 2015

STUpendous – What We Do In The Shadows

By // Cinema

There are some ideas that are pretty hard to make fresh and interesting. Sitting firmly among those ideas are Mockumentaries and vampire stories. Mockumentaries have been experiencing quite a heyday …


21 April 2015

In Reel Life: Ballet 422

By // Cinema

I heard about director Jody Lee Lipes’ Ballet 422 because, during its run at Toronto’s Hot Docs Cinema, it was preceded by a short dance film choreographed by the National Ballet of …


15 April 2015

Role Model in a Corset

By // Cinema

I apologize, Disney. I didn’t believe that you could make this movie and that it wouldn’t be shallow, unnecessary and unhelpful in a modern context. There are so many problems …

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