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01 April 2017

The Kid Stays in the Picture at the Royal Court

By // Theatre (London)

‘Why?’ is what you leave with. It’s what you come in with, too, but you have an answer to that. ‘It’s Simon McBurney. It’s Complicite. It’s about a plainly interesting …

07 March 2017

The Almeida’s Hamlet

By // Theatre (London)

I got far too hyped discussing the last big Hamlet and, worst of all, it ended up not being that big—Cumberbatch was competent, but the production didn’t generate discussion beyond …

09 February 2017

Letters to Windsor House by Sh!t Theatre

By // Theatre (London)

#neverlookback You see the above hashtag for a second of Sh!t Theatre’s hour-long show. It’s in footage of Manor House, the duo’s local area, on a billboard apparently for an …

01 January 2017

The 2016 MyTheatre Award Nominees: London

By // Theatre (London)

2016 was the second year of the London branch and a time when many more theatres opened their doors to us, including the National and, just recently, the Almeida, signalling …

04 December 2016

Buried Child at Trafalgar Studios

By // Theatre (London)

Rural Illinois in 1979. A flagging old man wastes away on a couch watching sports on his tiny TV and sneaking swigs of whiskey when alone. This is Dodge (Ed …

20 November 2016

The Sewing Group at the Royal Court Theatre

By // Theatre (London)

The first half, and probably two-thirds, of The Sewing Group is excruciatingly oblique. It opens on two women, clad in black mantles, sitting on bare wooden stools in a bare …

26 October 2016

A Pacifist’s Guide to the War on Cancer at the National

By // Theatre (London)

It’s over-expansive and yet at its most expansive it’s simultaneously at its best. Disregard (or don’t) the critics who call the ending effusive mush or ’emotional blackmail’. The ending is …

24 October 2016

The Red Barn at the National

By // Theatre

Big British playwright David Hare offers The Red Barn, a new work which adapts La Main, a novel by prolific Belgian Georges Simenon. Simenon was a guy who wrote thrillers …

15 October 2016

Kissing the Shotgun Goodnight at the Ovalhouse

By // Theatre (London)

The opening monologue, performed off-stage and possibly prerecorded, brews the promise of a ‘neo-noir fever dream’ into a disgustingly tactical succession of phrase. Its programme says the show ‘changed from …

12 October 2016

No’s Knife at the Old Vic

By // Theatre (London)

In one sense, it’s the ultimate indulgence to a craving no-one asked for. I don’t mean “ban experiment; bring on the potboilers”, I mean that this production feels irrelevant, and …

05 October 2016

Plastic Figurines at the New Diorama Theatre

By // Theatre (London)

There are, or at least have currently been presented, two ways of tackling autism on a London stage, and this probably goes for other mental illnesses as well: a subjective …

27 September 2016

Father Comes Home from the Wars at the Royal Court

By // Theatre (London)

It’s a grind to attend three hours of theatre. But grinds aren’t always bad. Sometimes, the alienation that accompanies “why I am watching this?” can induce some valuable critical distance. …

24 September 2016

Torn at the Royal Court

By // Theatre (London)

A lot of Royal Court’s Upstairs programming is too dry for its own good. Not this. Nathaniel Martello-White’s Torn wears complexity on its sleeve. Angel arranges a circle of seats …

21 September 2016

dreamplay by BAZ productions at the Vaults

By // Theatre (London)

Stringberg’s 1901 work A Dream Play is historically important: its lack of structure, condensing of characters to social roles and narrative current that winds along by way of thin associations …