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10 June 2017

Ten-Minute Play Festival: Part I

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Click Here to read Part II of our Ten-Minute Play Festival coverage An InspiraTO Festival show is tapas theatre- six plays that are each ten minutes long in the course …

30 April 2017

Tarragon’s Play with Songs

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Leaving the Tarragon Theatre after Midsummer, I realized that the play had brought me through a full spectrum of emotions. Happiness, sadness, despair, joy, anxiety, envy, pity, and all of …

20 March 2017

Theatrefront’s Orange Dot

By // Theatre (Toronto)

The Orange Dot, a Theatrefront presentation, is all about mansplaining. If you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years and don’t know what mansplaining is, then this …

14 March 2017

TO Sketchfest 2016: Part 1

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Tom and Erica It all starts in the darkness, a tiny stage in front of you and the shuffling of a restless audience waiting for the comedian to come on …