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21 June 2017

Dear Eleanor: Mystery Sans Clues

By // Theatre (New York)

Dear Eleanor, written and directed by Estelle Girard Parks, premiered for one night only at the Kraine Theater. It billed itself as a murder mystery halfway between an Agatha Christie …

12 June 2017

LOU: A Forgotten Woman

By // Theatre (New York)

Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche pined after her and she rejected his multiple proposals of marriage. She was the muse for German-language Poet Rainer Maria Rilke who fell in love with her …

17 April 2017

KYLE A Cocaine Comedy

By // Theatre (New York)

KYLE is a dark comedy directed by Emily Owens and inspired by both playwright and actor Hollis James’s own battle with drug addiction. Occurring almost entirely in the messy living …

08 April 2017

Loose Ends: Dated

By // Theatre (New York)

When something about a play doesn’t work, and perhaps more importantly – its run time exceeds 2.5 hours – one’s thoughts naturally tend towards the existential. What does it all …

03 February 2017

The Summoning: An Underdeveloped Spell

By // Theatre (New York)

The Summoning, by Charlotte Ahlin, is an ambitious slapstick three-person play with comedic moments that never quite becomes more than the sum of its parts. From the moment I sat …

27 January 2017


By // Theatre (New York)

Lawrence Dial’s latest play, DANNYKRISDONNAVERONICA should come with a warning: If you are contemplating having children, spending 90 minutes…

08 November 2016

In the Room: Unraveling the Unresolved

By // Theatre (New York)

In the Room, a new play at showing at Alchemical Theater Laboratory, written by Lawrence Dial and directed by Adam Knight, aims to expose the uncomfortable and unresolved. This play …

09 August 2016

Guys & Dolls: A Classic Revisited

By // Theatre (New York)

Maggie’s Little Theater, a community theater located in Queens, NY, is in its ninth season at St. Margaret Parish Hall. It presents two musical productions a year, and educates participants …

20 July 2016

On the Spot: Always Different

By // Theatre (New York)

Heraclitus famously opined that you can never step in the same river twice. If he spent more time attending theater than stepping into rivers, he may have said you can …

23 April 2016

Primary: Competing Visions

By // Theatre (New York)

In an election year that has redefined crazy, at least the stage provides some refuge from politics. Well, at least until I found out I was seeing Primary. Et tu, …

10 April 2016

Midtown International Theatre Festival Roundup

By // Theatre (New York)

Part of the mission statement for the Seventeenth Annual Midtown International Theatre Festival is to “offer a safe environment to develop innovative theatre.” Held at the WorkShop Theater’s Main Stage …

28 February 2016

Frigid Festival 2016: Part II

By // Theatre (New York)

When it’s February in New York City but nearly sixty degrees outside, the creators of the FRIGID New York Festival may need to rethink its name. Now in its tenth …

06 February 2016

Yeah, I Met This Girl: A Delightful Romp

By // Theatre (New York)

Please allow me to cut to the chase. Antony Raymond’s Yeah, I Met This Girl . . . is a gem of a play with fantastic layered writing and an …

28 January 2016

Our Mother’s Brief Affair: Linda Lavin Shines

By // Theatre (New York)

When someone comes into my office and shuts the door behind him or speaks in a hushed tone, there are only a few topics that are about to be discussed: …