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01 January 2015

Sponsored Content: Take it Online, Canada-Style

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Screen Shot 2015-01-01 at 2.49.36 AMMy friend Paul once shared the secret of how he wins every single time he heads down to Las Vegas to hit up the casinos (in the strictly non-Ocean’s 11 sense, of course). The perfect formula for a killer trip to Vegas? Apparently it’s to avoid the gambling altogether. Make Vegas about booze and food and girls and shotgun weddings and general debauchery, taking sin city for all its many freebies and giving nothing in return.

For real gambling, take it online. And maybe approach it with your eye on the prize and your liver untaxed for a shot at the big prizes that can be found via places like Grizzly Gambling, a Canadian-focused site covering online casino & gambling news.

And when I say Canadian-focused, I mean Canadian-focused with plenty of Dudley Do-Right words like “trust”, “fair” and “reputable” thrown in alongside lists of current federal and provincial gambling legislation and promises to “only recommend the top casinos” and “warn our visitors of rogue operators known for unfair practices and low quality operators”. This isn’t all just entertaining slots games (though they have those, download-free), it’s a portal to the best casinos on the internet, curated by online gamers- with the help of plenty of user feedback- specifically for Canadians (with everything that title brings with it).

If I were a punnier person, I’d call it the safest bet you can make.

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